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Company Vision
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We believe in invention.  Our invention of the world’s first wireless mouse was sufficient to prove that bringing convenience and better lifestyles to people is right.

LiVE Technology (LiVTEC) expects to shatter current market limitations and thinking, reconstruct, research, and develop revolutionary everyday products to bring users new experiences, and achieve the demands of convenience, environmental conservation, and health.
LiVTEC (originally Paten Technology) was established in 1996 and was the first company to introduce 27MHz radio waves into a wired mouse to make it a wireless mouse and thus become a professional ODM/OEM manufacturer to large international brands.  In 2011, Live Technology again achieved a stunning breakthrough by successfully researching and developing the world’s first TX1, no interior tantalum, free temperature setting, instantaneously heating water dispenser which will lead people into the digital heating era of drinking water and the second industrial revolution of water dispensers.

LiVTEC will further create myriad possibilities in various second industrial revolutions, through design concepts with a core spirit of innovation, convenience, energy conservation, and environmental protection put into practice in the lifestyles of cuisine, attire, décor, and travel, and will provide consumers with a brand new and amazing user experience.
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